An American Dream

Jonathan D'Ambrosio

A fantasy fueled with greed, theft, and a love for the old west.

Länge: 5 Minuten
Genre: Experimentalfilm

In the heart of American suburbia, a retired middle-aged man, Norman, indulges himself in the fruitful pleasures of consumeristic society. The soda, the popcorn, and the remote controller only an arms reach away; what could be better? Well unfortunately for Norman, he soon finds out what could be worse when his television set suddenly breaks… only perhaps someone like Norman enjoys such a challenge. Perhaps someone like Norman uses it as an opportunity to fulfill a lifelong fantasy. A fantasy fueled with greed, theft, and a love for the old west.



The film An American Dream was designed as a simple story that plays above an unsettling political undertone. The concept of the film was developed amidst the 2016 American Presidential Election as a satire that captures the aggressive and primal nature of a retired middle aged suburbanite. Now nearly a year and a half after it’s conception, the film seems to have taken on a darker tone in contrast to the American reality as it exists today. The themes of this story serve as a cautionary tale; foreshadowing the side effects of a lifelong indulgence in entertainment and social seclusion. We explore through an exaggerated lens how a country with a history of violence struggles to culturally adapt amidst an ever growing divisive political climate.

Bundesfestival junger Film 2018
vom 07. bis 10.06.2018

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Regie: Jonathan D’Ambrosio
Produktion: Anna-Lena Schwing
Drehbuch: Jonathan D’Ambrosio
Bildgestaltung: Zakary Hallett
Sound, Editing: Jonathan D’Ambrosio
Cast: Richard Hingst, Anna-Lena Schwing, Jonathan D’Ambrosio, Zakary Hallett
Ein Mensch, der immer an uns geglaubt hat: Anna-Lena Schwing


Während seinem Studium an dem Motion Picture Institute of Michigan sowie an der Stella Adler Academy of Acting in L.A., gründete Jonathan die unabhängige Filmproduktion Qualia Creative und zog nach Deutschland um mit Filmemachern im Ausland zu kollaborieren.

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